2021 overview of yoga and meditation websites

2021 overview of yoga and meditation websites

Browse below the Healthy & Exercise selection of websites that provide a collection of choices for yoga and meditation classes and websites, led by the best instructors in the business and suitable for every level and taste:

Gaia.com is a perfect source for streaming online yoga and meditation video that can be watched on any device. An immense collection of videos, which offer an opportunity to do yoga and meditate on your own schedule. Go to Gaia review and read about handpicked collection of meditations, yoga practices, lifestyle videos, and articles.

Mindbodygreen provides live events, free content, and video classes. The mindbodygreen classes range from fitness workouts and dietary advice to yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation work on all levels of mind, body, and spirit and create a foundation for present-moment awareness to thrive. But yoga also enhances physical flexibility and strength. Find out more about Mindbodygreen.

Yoga Journal is a database of yoga poses and asanas, meditation and yoga videos. You can also practice yoga following yoga sequences, challenge poses and advice for beginners.

Alo Moves provides wide collection of yoga, fitness, mindfulness and skills series from elite instructors, Go to Alo Moves and pick the series you like to exercise anytime and at your own pace, to have a great at-home session or go outside to have a rewarding outdoor training.

Glo is online yoga, online meditation, online Pilates and online fitness. 4,000+ classes on demand lead by experienced professional Glo teachers who will help you through lessons.

Yoga International offers online yoga classes. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, there is a suitable yoga class for you. Find the right class by level, style, teacher, goal or duration.

CorePower Yoga is a new fitness experience for any yoga student that provides access to 300+ yoga videos.

YogiApproved provides 300+ individual classes and 30+ yoga programs.

DoYogaWithMe is a huge yoga website that provides everything from full classes to meditation practices. Hundreds of yoga class videos, free guided meditation (for kids too), online programs and much more.

EkhartYoga is an online service to improve your mental, spiritual and physical health using home practice. Over 4,000 online classes that are also organized into hundreds of different playlists or 90 programs.

YogaDownload provides online yoga, Pilates and meditation video & audio classes. There are free live streaming classes and free online videos. There are classes for beginners too. All the classes are searchable by goal or focus. In total 1,700+ classes.

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