30-Day At-Home Yoga Challenge

30-Day At-Home Yoga Challenge

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Everyone can participate in this 30-day at-home yoga challenge. Are you a newbie to Glo? Discover the full-body benefits of a consistent yoga practice in just 30 days with our expert teachers. Experienced members can expand their practice, challenge their skills, and refresh their commitment at this event. Our daily yoga classes will benefit your mind and body this month.

Happy Monday again! The latest Monday morning challenge is here to entertain you and help you improve your health and fitness. This time it is the 30-Day At-Home Yoga Challenge by Glo. (Read a Glo review.)

Glo 30-day At-Home Yoga Challenge Classes
Glo 30-Day At-Home Yoga Challenge Classes

30-day At-Home Yoga Challenge – What Is It?

Created by Glo, the challenge consists of 30 classes, in total lasting 1314 mins. The classes are:

  1. New Year Vinyasa Flow
  2. Strength & Devotion Vinyasa Flow
  3. Steady Mind, Steady Body Hatha
  4. Flow for Shoulder & Arm Strength
  5. Nurture Your Knees Hatha
  6. Dynamic Hip Vinyasa Flow
  7. Navel Chakra, Confidence Flow
  8. Ignite Your Light Vinyasa Flow
  9. Core Strength Vinyasa Flow
  10. Move & Meditate with the Intention
  11. Crow Pose Vinyasa Flow
  12. Happy Hamstrings Vinyasa
  13. Let It Roll Vinyasa Flow
  14. Heart Chakra Vinyasa Flow
  15. Root to Revolve Hatha
  16. Healthy Hips Hatha
  17. Twist For Stability Vinyasa Flow
  18. Throat Chakra, Truth Flow
  19. Strong Vinyasa Flow
  20. Free Flowing Vinyasa
  21. Side Crow Vinyasa Flow
  22. Backbends For The Heart Hatha
  23. Third Eye Chakra, Intuition Flow
  24. Grounded & Charged Vinyasa Flow
  25. Play in Your Vinyasa Flow
  26. Full-Body Hatha
  27. Fire Up Vinyasa Flow
  28. Crown Chakra, Radiance Flow
  29. Presence and Gratitude Vinyasa
  30. Vinyasa For Cabin Fever


Glo platform offers more than 4,000 classes that you can take on demand, on any device, at home, or on the go. You can even download your favorite classes so you have them at your fingertips at all times.

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