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30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

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Happy Monday again, this time with the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge! The latest Monday Morning Challenge with Eating Well is all about cutting out processed foods and cleaning up your diet. The following steps will make a huge difference to your overall health.

Day 1 – Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is especially important during the hot summer months. There are several signs that can indicate if you are not drinking enough water, but there are a few simple tips that can help you stay ahead of dehydration. One of the most helpful tips is to bring a water bottle with you wherever you go so that you can easily take sips throughout the day. (Check out #7 in the Healthy Habits Daily Countdown)

Day 2 – Switch To Whole Grains

Making the switch to whole grains doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by replacing white rice with brown rice in your meals, or try switching to whole-grain pasta.

Day 3 – More Veggies

Adding more vegetables to your diet is a great way to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need. An easy way to do this is to add vegetables to the meals you already enjoy. For example, you can add greens to your pasta, vegetables to your stir-fry, or peas to your rice. This is a simple way to increase your daily vegetable intake and ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need. (Check out #2 in the Tips To Lose Weight Faster)

Day 4 – Try A Healthy Dinner Recipe

Tonight try a healthy dinner recipe from Eating Well.

Day 5 – Go Vegan

Cutting back on meat is a great way to save money, eat healthily, and be more environmentally friendly. There are also numerous health benefits to eating more plant-based meals. Today, why not challenge yourself to go meat-free and limit your intake of animal products?

Day 6 – Indulge Yourself

Eating clean doesn’t have to mean completely avoiding desserts. Allowing yourself to indulge in a treat every once in a while can make your clean eating pattern more sustainable and realistic in the long term. To make sure you don’t overindulge, it’s important to plan ahead and decide when and how you will treat yourself. This way, you can enjoy your treat without it getting out of control.

Day 7 – Start From Scratch

Cooking from scratch is an excellent way to save money, eat healthily, and customize flavors to your liking. Whether it be for lunch, a go-to snack, or a fun drink, making food from scratch can be a great way to enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank. Not only can you save money, but you can also make sure that the ingredients are healthy and that the flavors are to your liking. Cooking from scratch allows you to have complete control over what goes into your food, and can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Day 8 – Spice It Up!

Spices are an excellent way to enhance the flavor of your meals without adding extra salt, sugar, or fat. Not only that, but many spices also provide powerful antioxidant benefits that can help keep you healthy and fight against chronic diseases. Furthermore, using spices can make your dishes more complex and enjoyable. So why not experiment with some of your favorite spices and make a meal that is both flavorful and nutritious tonight?

Day 9 – Try A Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Tomorrow morning try a healthy breakfast recipe from Eating Well.

Day 10 – Drink A Glass Of Water Before Meals

Before you start cooking or sit down to eat, take a few minutes to sip on a glass of water. This will help you to stay hydrated and be more mindful of your hunger and fullness. By sipping on the water before a meal, you can reap the benefits of being hydrated and more aware of your body’s needs. Taking a few minutes to drink a glass of water before you eat can make a big difference in your overall health.

Day 11 – Replace Eggs With Tofu

Going plant-based more often has numerous health benefits, and it’s better for the environment too. A great way to get started is to swap eggs in your morning vegetable scramble with tofu. This plant-based alternative has a comparable flavor and is packed with protein and nutrition, making it a great option for going meatless today.

Day 12 – Shop Local

Supporting your local community is easy when you focus on getting your produce locally. There are many options available to you when it comes to sourcing fresh produce, such as farmers’ markets, cooperatives, and more. Buying local helps ensure that you get the best quality food, while also supporting businesses in your community. Why not give it a try and get some fresh, seasonal produce today? You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes!

Day 13 – Healthy Barbecue

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the delicious flavors that come from grilling. Whether you’re using charcoal or gas, the taste of food cooked over an open flame is unbeatable. Additionally, grilling is a healthy way to cook as it requires minimal amounts of oil and salt, making it easier to create clean, nutritious meals. Not to mention, grilling cuts down on the number of dishes you have to clean up afterward.

Day 14 – Order Takeout

Restaurants in your area need your support now more than ever. Let your favorite restaurant prepare a whole foods-focused meal for you, deliver it to your door, and take a night off from cooking. For clean eating to go beyond this challenge, it is important to learn how to navigate eating out.

Day 15 – Try A Healthy Salad Recipe

Try a healthy salad recipe from Eating Well.

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge – Next 15 Days

Day 16 – Popcorn As A Snack

In fact, popcorn is a whole grain. Due to its fiber content and low-calorie count, it might also help you lose weight if that is your goal.

Day 17 – No Alcohol

A healthy pattern can include alcohol, but it’s also good to take a night off from time to time. The less alcohol you drink, the more calories you’ll save and the more hydrated you’ll be, which is important during the summer months.

Day 18 – Enjoy Fruits

A fruity treat can satisfy your sweet tooth! Whether it’s to pick you up after a long day of work or to treat yourself after dinner, the fruit has so many delicious uses.

Day 19 – Cook A Mushroom Recipe

Try a healthy mushroom recipe from Eating Well.

Day 20 – Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Try a healthy smoothie recipe from Eating Well.

Day 21 – Relax And Enjoy A Cup Of Tea

When you’ve had a long day, nothing is more relaxing than a cup of tea. To reduce alcohol and sugary beverage consumption, enjoy it after dinner. Furthermore, tea is packed with health benefits, so we’re all in. Before going to bed, stay away from caffeinated tea.

Day 22 – Eat Vegetables For Breakfast

Getting your daily vegetables (or more) through your morning meal can make a big difference. Put greens in smoothies or vegetables in an egg scramble for a tasty meal.

Day 23 – Make Use Of Herbs

Your food will taste better with herbs instead of salt, sugar, and fat. The fresh flavor of herbs can be accompanied by some impressive nutritional benefits. To extend their shelf life, store them properly.

Day 24 – Shop At A Farmers’ Market

Visiting a farmers market is a great way to get your hands on fresh produce during peak season. In addition, you can get to know the people who produce the produce you enjoy. Usually, farmers know how to use the produce, you buy at the market, whether it is for cooking or storing.

Day 25 – Have A Meatless Dinner

Eat more plant-based foods to benefit your body and the planet. For today’s evening meal, skip the meat.


Day 26 – Bring your lunch to work

Lunch can be made a lot easier by planning ahead. You can save time and money by meal prepping a lunch ahead. Whether you work from home or not, there are loads of great lunch options to keep you fueled.

Day 27 – Healthy Chicken Recipes

Try a healthy chicken recipe from Eating Well.

Day 28 – Use Your Slow Cooker To Its Full Potential

Slow cookers let you set it and forget it, no need to turn on the stove. In the morning, add the ingredients and let the heat work its magic.

Day 29 – Enjoy a meal with friends

The sharing of meals is a crucial element of a healthy and enjoyable eating routine. Make it a fun night by getting a whole foods-focused meal out with some friends. If you want to go beyond the challenges of clean eating, you must learn how to navigate eating out.

Day 30 – Celebrate Without Alcohol

You have completed this 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge, congratulations! Let’s wrap things up with a healthy smoothie!

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