7 Minute Workouts Challenge

7 Minute Workouts Challenge

Happy Monday! I challenge you with 7-minute workouts! How does the 7-minute workout work? This is a high-intensity workout that alternates between 30 seconds of high-intensity exercise and 10 seconds of rest. The workout consists of 12 key exercises that target your major muscle groups using only your own body weight, wall, and chair.

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Want to learn more about this kind of really short though effective workout? Keep reading and you will find more instructions on how to execute 7-minute workouts. Believe me, the instructions are easy to follow, but the actual workout is not that easy if you do it properly!

7 Minute Workout Routine

Start by warming up

1. Jumping jacks

10 seconds rest

2. Wall sit

10 seconds rest

3. Push-ups

10 seconds rest

4. Abdominal crunches

10 seconds rest

5. Step up onto a chair

10 seconds rest

6. Squats

10 seconds rest

7. Triceps dip on a chair

10 seconds rest

8. Plank

10 seconds rest

9. High knees, running in place

10 seconds rest

10. Alternating lunges

10 seconds rest

11. Push-ups with rotation

10 seconds rest

12. Side plank, each side

Cool down

7 Minute Workouts Explained In Pictures

7 Minute Workout Challenge Video By Fitness Blender

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7-Minute Workout By Fitness Blender

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7 Minute Visual & Easy-To-Follow Workout By Darebee (different exercises)

Darebee 7minute-workout
Darebee 7-Minute Workout

Happy Monday once again with the 7 minute workouts challenge!

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