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What is Blue Apron?


Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service. The meal kits consist of fresh ingredients and provide delicious yet easy recipes. Anybody with any cooking experience can become a skillful chef that prepares incredible meals at home. Manage each delivery to fit your needs by choosing recipes you feel like cooking, skip weeks you don’t need, or order an extra box for when you want to cook for more hungry people. Order a delivery and then just put your apron on and start cooking!

Blue Apron Menus

Blue Apron offers the following menus designed to suit your specific culinary needs:

Signature Menus have mix of meat, fish, Beyond Meat™, WW Approved, Diabetes Friendly recipes and health-conscious offerings. It feeds two.

Blue Apron signature menu on Healthy N' Exercise
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Signature meal plans

Vegetarian Menus are meat-free dishes the best of seasonal produce. 2 servings.

Blue Apron vegetarian menu on Healthy N' Exercise
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Vegetarian meal plans

Wellness Menus are balanced, nutritionist-approved recipes including carb-conscious and WW™ Approved options. It serves 2.

Blue Apron wellness menu on Healthy N' Exercise
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Wellness meal plans

Signature for Four Menus are recipes for families and get-togethers with a variety of options that change weekly, including meat, fish, Beyond Meat™ and other healthy options.

Blue Apron signature for four menu on Healthy N' Exercise
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Signature meal plans for four

Blue Apron Wine

Blue Apron also delivers personalized wine packages at competitive prices straight from the vineyard cutting out the middlemen. The wines come with tasting notes, flavor profiles, and the story behind every bottle.

The wine package contains 6 x 500 ml wines (23 of a standard-sized wine bottle) and the wines in it are specially chosen to complement Blue Apron recipes.

Blue Apron Market

At Blue Apron market you can buy wine bundles, chef-approved tools & dishware for your home cooking, and spice blends to take your favorite Blue Apron recipes to the next level.

More Features

– Tasty Blue Apron blog. Check out their grilling guide any time of the year, frozen treats 101 to enjoy sweet and cold desserts or family dinner ideas. for inspiration.

– Blue Apron iPhone app and Android app


Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients and easy recipes to home cooks who want to prepare and cook the food themselves or want to save time for meal planning and grocery shopping. The ingredients are free of hormones and antibiotics and bought from smaller farms. Taste preferences and dietary restrictions are taken into account. Blue Apron conveniently delivers meal kits to your door in an ice-packed box 7 days a week. Choose from 8 different meal options a week for two people or a family of 4. The price starts at $7.49 per serving.

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