Centr Coaches – Meet The Expert Trainers

Centr Coaches – Meet The Expert Trainers

Centr coaches working for the famous workout and nutrition platform, bring you health and fitness at their simplest and best. As you prepare for your first workout with the experts, the platform wants to make your experience more enjoyable. It is just as easy to use Centr online, or iOS & Android apps to complete the workouts at home as at the gym since they require little or no equipment. Using your goals and preferences, the Centr experts recommend the trainers and workouts that will get you results. Check out this handy guide below to the coaches’ specialties and why you’ll love working out with them.

Centr Coaches - Luke Zocchi

Luke Zocchi

What: Weight loss, overall fitness, toning, building muscle

How: HIIT, High-intensity resistance training (HIRT), strength training

Centr Coaches - Joseph Da Rulk Sakoda

Joseph Da Rulk Sakoda

What: Strength, power, stability, muscle tone, overall mobility, weight loss

How: Functional training movements such as Side Gorilla, Reverse Crawl

Alexz Parvi

Alexz Parvi

What: Weight loss, strength, aerobic fitness, toning

How: High-intensity low-impact training (HILT) circuits – inspired by Pilates, barre & functional training

Centr Coaches - Bobby Holland Hanton

Bobby Holland Hanton

What: Building strength, overall fitness, developing mobility & agility

How: Short, sharp & explosive plyometric sessions, HIIT, HIRT

Torre Washington

Torre Washington

What: Building strength and muscle

How: Lifting weights – dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, bench & cable machines

Go to Centr online and meet the hand-picked team of Centr coaches and experts from across the globe, curated by Chris “Thor” Hemsworth to help you train, eat and live. Use Centr online, or on your tablet or smartphone.

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