EkhartYoga Is Your Home For Online Yoga

EkhartYoga Is Your Home For Online Yoga

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Since Esther Ekhart started EkhartYoga over ten years ago, her global community has thrived and is now practicing yoga and meditation online with her. They are Europe’s largest online studio with nearly 5,000 classes in 24 different styles taught by over 60 world-class teachers. EkhartYoga is committed to bringing positive change and transformation to the world through yoga.

EkhartYoga Is Your Home For Online Yoga
3-Week Yoga Workout Program by EkhartYoga

The EkhartYoga platform offers authentic yoga to anyone interested in yoga and meditation. There are classes for all levels and all purposes. Do you want to improve your mental health, or suffer from back pain? Or want to increase your physical strength? In addition to the classes, the provider offers insights into meditation, recipes, anatomy, and philosophy.

EkhartYoga Is Your Home For Online Yoga
Improve Digestive Health With EkhartYoga Recipes Such As Ginger Lemon Tea

EkhartYoga teacher training academy offers online courses. Additionally, the platform also targets companies that want to offer yoga as an employee benefit.

EkhartYoga Academy

You can learn from Esther Ekhart and the community of teachers in our community. They enjoy connecting with you and responding to your questions and comments. Find out about their teacher training courses, retreats, and workshops on the Workshops page. With their support, you will find your best yoga practice and be able to transform it into a lifestyle. Join their community and be inspired. Take the time to explore the resources available and see how they can help you in your journey. Sign up for their newsletter and learn about upcoming events and new content. Connect with other yogis in the community and share your experiences.

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  1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Yes, the Yin Yoga poses step-by-step guides are pretty useful. We generally like the whole Resources section on their website – the poses, styles, dictionary, etc. Enjoy, namaste!

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