Exercise Library Animated Instructions For Resistance Training

Exercise Library Animated Instructions For Resistance Training

Exercise Library Animated Instructions For Resistance Training. Looking for instructions on how to execute strength exercises? Check out the Exercise Library.

What is a strength exercise? A strength exercise is an activity that makes your muscles work harder than usual. The work increases the strength, size, power, and endurance of your muscles. The strength exercises use one’s own body weight or tools that provide resistance such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands.

If you are not sure how to execute an exercise, go to the Exercise Library to see animated instructions and exercise along to learn how to do the exercises correctly.

Correct technique is important for a number of reasons:

Prevention of injury

By performing an exercise incorrectly, you can load other joints and muscles instead of getting the full benefit from the exercise. Last but not least, incorrectly performing an exercise over time can lead to overuse injuries and other movement problems. A pre-existing injury makes correct technique even more important. In order to rehabilitate an area and be able to function at full capacity, it is important to load through the joints or muscles. Exercising incorrectly will result in a reduced benefit to target muscles, so recovery time will be longer.

Corrects movement patterns

Your body will learn bad habits if you perform the movement incorrectly, leading to injuries and poor training results. Exercise and movement quality is more important than quantity, especially at the beginning. If you are having trouble with your technique or not sure whether your exercises are being performed correctly, open the exercise library for guidance.

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