Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is, as the name suggests, a fitness-dedicated website that provides a mixture of full length workout videos for any fitness level, workout routines, healthy recipes, meal plans and articles written by dietitians, doctors and physiotherapists.

Fitness Blender (FB) is also a space for its users to connect with the FB community and share their fitness progress or seek guidance on how to reach their fitness goals or how to make good use of FB programs and the website’s materials.

Fitness Blender Workout Videos

Fitness Blender Workout Videos
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Workout videos (Fitness Blender)

Fitness Blender Workout Programs

Fitness Blender Workout Programs
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Workout programs (Fitness Blender)

Fitness Blender Healthy Recipes

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Healthy recipes (Fitness Blender)

Fitness Blender offers a free membership and a paid membership called FB plus. With the free membership you get:

Fitness Blender Free Membership

  • Hundreds of professional workout videos
  • Lots of healthy living articles written by health professionals
  • Healthy and appetizing recipes
  • Positive and helpful community
  • Interactive workout calendar
  • Vlogs and weekly giveaways
  • Search and filter videos functionality
  • Save your favorite videos functionality

FB Plus Paid Membership

Challenges are speedy workout plans on tap only for FB Plus users. They provide training routines by professional trainers with clear instructions how to schedule them, complete them and repeat them.

As a FB Plus user you can track all your activities in one place. A morning run or an evening walk or another online video or a training, you can enter your non-Fitness-Blender workouts, plan them, track stats, and note down whatever you need just like for your FB workouts.

The “Surprise Me” smart search feature allows you set filters for what kind of workout you prefer and shows you targeted results for the ideal workout.

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