How does Old School New Body work?

How does Old School New Body work?

How does the Old School New Body program work? Old School New Body is a weight loss and antiaging protocol that accentuates an hour and a half of exercise weekly to maximize results. This program is based on old-school (understand “proven”) strategies, including high-fat diets, functional strength training, and minimal cardio. The authors, Steve and Becky Holman claim these strategies are more effective for many people no matter what age they are. The strategies should even work for people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond.

How does the Old School New Body work? It is a weight loss and anti-aging protocol but at the same time, the program offers a range of strong benefits using old-school workout techniques instead of modern systems. The program uses the F4X Method, also known as The Focus4 Exercise Protocol or F4X.

The F4X system takes you through the 3 phases, helping you lose weight, build strength and fight aging along the way. What are the phases?

  • Phase 1: F4X LEAN – in this phase you will be able to lose weight build toned muscle.
  • Phase 2: F4X SHAPE – using this workout you will continue to lose as much weight as you want. You will likely burn even more body fat because you’ve added lean muscle.
  • Phase 3: F4X BUILD – In the Build phase, you will build real, functional strength. This phase of the program emphasizes strength training.

What is included with Old School New Body? The program comes with a range of bonus products and features:

  • Old School New Body Handbook which explains the weight loss strategies, diet protocols, and training systems used for old school workouts for maximum results.
  • F4X Quick Start Workout Guide walks you through the Old School New Body system without forcing you to read 100 pages of text. If you want to jump into Old School New Body quickly, then read this guide first.
  • Burn Fat Faster explains how certain dietary strategies can increase fat burning.
  • Build More Muscle—Natural Anabolics describes natural anabolics found in foods, including the nutrients that could support strength-building hormones’ growth.
  • Keep the Drive AliveSex and Attraction Boosters And Anti-Aging Secrets expounds how to reverse certain aging effects using nutrients, and weight-loss strategies, and is focused specifically on sex drive, disclosing strategies you can use to enhance attraction and libido and improve your sex life.

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