How Does Peloton App Work?

How Does Peloton App Work?

The Peloton fitness app is available on Android, iOS, and most smart TV platforms. It offers a two-month free trial; after that, it costs $12.99 a month. Peloton offers hundreds of classes, including indoor cycling and treadmill instruction as well as yoga, strength training, cardio, outdoor running, and boot camp classes. The app also has monthly challenges you can participate it, in which you target to take a certain number of classes and get badge rewards for completion or run or cycle a certain volume of miles per month to win a bronze, silver or gold medal.

Peloton App Challenges Rewards - Healthy & Exercise
Badge rewards – Peloton app challenges

The Peloton app is currently likely the world’s most talked-about workout app. By the way, do you know what the word peloton mean? In French, “peloton” literally means ball,” but it is most often used with the meaning “group.” It’s frequently used in the bicycling context, just as in English, but it can also refer to a group in a marathon or other sporting event. Enough of dictionary. Because of the bicycling and running context, Peloton originally offered only bicycling and running classes with Peloton equipment – internet-connected stationary bicycles and treadmills. Later started to offer classes in strength training, yoga, cardio aerobic exercise, meditation, stretching, tread bootcamp, bike bootcamp, body weight workouts, weight training workouts and walking led by top-notch instructors. So the app now is very comprehensive and literally has a little something for everyone. Thousands of classes, expert-level instructors, and in-depth workout metrics will help you reach fitness goals.

Peloton Classes - Healthy & Exercise
Full list of Peloton classes

One of Peloton’s biggest strengths is the huge amount of content available. The monthly membership unlocks it all and no formal profile is required to use it. But without a profile you won’t be able to establish ongoing trends in your performance and earn badges.

At $12.99 per month, the Peloton app (for Android, for iOS) is a great value. No matter what kind of workout you’re into, you’re bound to find something and a way to stick to it. The platform is simple to use and is free of the intimidation factor that comes with other fitness apps. For a fast way to get started with at-home fitness, there isn’t really a better option on the market right now. Plus, you can cancel any time.

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