How To Create A Great Body (eBook Review)

How To Create A Great Body (eBook Review)

Is one of your goals losing weight, gaining muscle or improving cardiovascular fitness? Then you probably lift weights, go to a workout class, run, walk regularly, do yoga or do some other activity that makes you move, strengths or stretches your muscles and helps you burn calories.

What is your goal?

Perhaps your ultimate goal why you do sports and move regularly, apart from being with friends and team mates, is to feel better and look better. Physically activities are proven to increase levels of “feel-good” hormones which promote good night’s sleep, positively impact mood and decrease stress.

Regular exercise burns more calories and that with a structured diet and macronutrients help you burn fat, improve your posture and build stronger muscles. Exercising is also about having fun with friends, enjoying moving and being happy that you can perform. It helps you to be more confident and comfortable with the way you look and it positively impacts your mental health and self-esteem.

So exercise improves your body psychically and mentally. It truly creates a great body. Your body performs, you are mentally healthy, capable and respecting yourself.

How To Create A Great Body

For anyone who needs instructions and guidance on the journey of creating a great body, check out the How to Create a Great Body, Second Edition by Edward Lord.

Edward is a creator of This website helps you transform your body.

The eBook How to Create a Great Body, Second Edition has a similar goal – to transform your body by providing complete sets of training guides, training programs and workouts. As the famous saying goes “the abs are made in the kitchen”, Edward Lord delivers thorough manual for creating a great body by providing nutrition and weight loss guides.

All described exercises in the eBook are linked to the Exercise Database, so you are able to perform any exercise correctly based on the exercise instructions.

The trainings are divided into 3 categories:

-Weight training for men

-Weight training for women

-Cardio training

How To Create A Great Body: Contents

  • Weight Training Guide
  • Weight Training Programs
  • Cardio Training Guide
  • Cardio Training Programs
  • Bodyweight Training Guide and Workouts
  • Power Training Guide and Workouts
  • Muscle Activation Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Weight Loss Guide
  • Fitness Glossary

Exercises are linked to the:

  • Exercise Database

How to Create a Great Body: Money-Back Guarantee

Physical training has all the benefits described at the beginning of this article and the eBook How to Create a Great Body provides so much thorough information to help you with your transformation. But should you be unhappy about the purchase, do not worry and ask about a refund as the eBook comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

How to Create a Great Body: Download

The eBook How to Create a Great Body, Second Edition can be viewed and read on any device that has an ebook app. Most likely you probably have such an app already preinstalled on your device (smartphone, tablet), if not it can be easily downloaded for free.

eBook apps:

  • Apple Books – for iPhone, iPad, iMac
  • Google Play Books – for Android devices and also Apple devices
  • Nook – for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Kobo – for Android smartphones and tablets
  • EPUBReader Chrome extension – for Windows PC

If you get the eBook How to Create a Great Body you will have the the complete guides for training and nutrition. Keep in mind that your mindset is an integral part of the transformation. Good luck!

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

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