Jefit Android App

Jefit Android App

Jefit offers free fitness program and exercise database to help you keep in shape, build muscle and lose weight. From beginner strength training programs to advanced bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting or kettlebell routines to programs using bodyweight, limited space or specialized workout equipment.

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More Features

● App and also web – Track with the app and edit routines on our web app.
● Exercise instruction library – 1300+ demonstrations and variations with HD video
● Intuitive training tools – various timers, body measurements system, and workout routine planner
● Customized training programs – build your own workout or use existing programs for strength training or body conditioning
● Motivation & inspiration – take part in fitness challenges with cash prizes and join Jefit community to get support from your buddies and other athletes
● Set Goals – record your goals and progress in a custom journal

Move forward now and maximize your gym or home fitness workout sessions with Jefit Android app.

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