Jefit Exercise Database is a website where you can track your fitness training, your transformation photos and your fitness and body statistics. .

JEFIT Plan, Track, Analyze - functionalities
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Very importantly Jefit provides a huge database of workout routines and exercises.

Workout routines – browse 2,500+ workout plans for all fitness levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and goals. Do you want to bulk, cut or are you looking a specific sport workout program? Check out some the Jefit Workout Routines:

JEFIT Workout routines
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Exercise database – browse 1,300+ exercises for all body parts and cardio. Search by exercise type, equipment, difficulty or name. Have a look at some of the Jefit Exercises:

JEFIT Exercise database
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Personal coach mode – are you a coach or gym? Sign in for the new coach mode and interact with your clients distantly, create advanced and more organized workout programs, and track their fitness and transformation progress.

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