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What is Lebert Fitness?


Lebert Fitness is a manufacturer and seller of body weight exercise equipment. The flagship product is Lebert EQualizer, a fitness dip stand station for strengthening whole body using exercises such as dips, push and pull ups, L-sits and many more. Lebert calls the EQualizer a total body strengthener which absolutely speaks for itself.

Lebert EQualizer

A practical fitness tool with a simple design but can produce dramatic results. It helps build lean muscle, improve core strength and, believe it or not, burn fat. The portable design lets you workout anywhere with hundreds of workout options. It includes 2 bars, a hip Resistance Band, and an exercise guide to help get you started. Ideal for heights 6′ and under.

Lebert EQualizer and its (lebertfitness.com)

More Products

Lebert HIIT System – multifunctional training system perfect for at-home and in-gym use. It incorporates dynamic unilateral, rotational, and bilateral strength-building movements. It provides high intensity training for any fitness level.

Lebert Parachute – for unstable load training. For group workouts of up to 6 people.

Lebert Parallettes – solid iron construction and high density, non-slip commercial grade grips, these are ideal for performing dips, pushups, l-sits, stretches and many more body-weight strength training exercises

Lebert Stretch Straps – innovative tool that will assist you in reaching positions more comfortably that may have been previously not possible and, in addition, allow you to hold the stretch longer

Flex Disc – low impact, rolling platform that is highly effective for increasing mobility, stability, balance, core and strength.

More Features

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Lebert Fitness products and tools are adaptable, portable and functional tools that can be utilized at any fitness level – from beginning to the experienced athlete.

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