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Happy Monday again! The latest Monday morning challenge is here to entertain and help you improve your fitness. Did you know that exercise significantly reduces many major mortality risk factors and improves health span? This week it is Max Core Challenge with Calvin Corzine from Alo Moves. Alo Moves provides access to 3000+ yoga, fitness, and meditation classes led by world-class instructors (Read an Alo Moves review.)

Max Core Challenge – What Is It?

It is a 30-day program that focuses on transforming your entire core. This program includes 22 unique core workouts, plus two assessment classes every week to help you track your progress and stay on track. You’ll gain strength, stability, and confidence with these incredible workouts. Classes range from moderate to challenging and work different parts of your core so you have time to recover without losing momentum. Having a strong core is not just about how sculpted it looks – it’s also the basis of every movement you make. When you strengthen your whole midline, you’ll get better posture, reduce back pain, and perform better in all your workouts.

Max Core Challenge Day 15 - Mountain Climber
Max Core Challenge Day 15 – Mountain Climber

Max Core Focuses On 3 Goals

  • Gain rock-solid strength and endurance
  • Enhance agility and flexibility
  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness

Max Core Challenge Alo Move Calvin Corzine
Max Core Challenge Day 30 – Ab Circuit Challenge


Max Core Challenge with Calvin Corzine – trailer

Challenge Specifications

🏫 Classes: 24

Average Duration: 10 minutes

🛠️ Props: None

🤹 Difficulty: Intermediate

Intensity: 2/4

Happy Monday and good luck with Challenge with Calvin Corzine!

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