Monday Morning Darebee Challenge

Monday Morning Darebee Challenge

A new Monday Morning Darebee Challenge! Check out these challenges by the fantastic fitness website Darebee which provides more than 1,500 fitness workouts.

Monday Morning Darebee Challenge
Darebee Challenges

… and don’t forget the Daily Hug 😍

Happy Monday!

What are Darebee Workouts?

All of Darebee’s workouts are home workouts that can be done anywhere you have a little space and some incline, at any time. All of their workouts are home workouts that can be done anywhere you have a little space and some incline, at any time.

The Darebee database has workouts separated by type: strength, high burn, HIIT, and combat. You can sort them using the filter on the right (at the bottom on mobile). Choose 3-4 workouts randomly or follow the “Workout of the Day” featured on the homepage for overall fitness.

All Darebee workouts are gender-neutral, regardless of which illustrations are displayed. Regardless of the illustrations in routines, they do not differ in difficulty or approach.

Darebee provides:

  • 1800+ workouts in the database
  • 50+ programs in the database
  • 150+ challenges in the database
  • 100+ guides in the database
  • A new collection of workouts added every day
  • Effective meal plans and nutrition advice
  • 300+ plant-based recipes in the database

Darebee also has a video exercise library! Believe me, it is a vast exercise library with so many videos.

Raised Leg Crunches – Darebee Video Exercise Library

Monday Morning Darebee Challenge – Is Darebee Free?

Darebee is a non-profit free, ad-free, and product placement-free global fitness resource

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