Monday Morning Oxygen Challenge

Monday Morning Oxygen Challenge

It’s time for the Oxygen Magazine Challenge! Coaches Sohee Lee and Carmel Rodriguez will lead energizing and downright fun workouts. Connect with the coaches and other participants in a private virtual community to stay accountable and motivated. Learn how to train smarter, stay injury-free, and build strength from head to toe. Become more confident in your body and mind, and you’ll fall in love with fitness once again!

Oxygen Magazine Challenge #8  – Video Invitation
  • Detailed workout videos every day for 90 days
  • Exercise demos and training tips with progressions and regressions
  • Easily download the workout calendar and the weekly workout files
  • Guidelines on nutrition that are no-nonsense
  • A collection of more than 40 delicious, simple, and adaptable recipes
  • Ingredients list for grocery shopping
  • In the Oxygen Challenge #8 accountability group, you’ll be able to connect with your coaches and other participants
  • Plus all other Oxygen Magazine benefits

Happy Monday with Monday Morning Oxygen Challenge! 💪

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