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PhD Nutrition delivers credible and science-based products to help you progress in your diet, training, and healthy lifestyle. From Diet Whey to the great-tasting Smart Bars, your performance will always be fueled in the right way.

PhD was established in 2006 by two serious gym-goers on a mission to change the sports nutrition landscape. From these small beginnings, PhD is now sold in over 45 countries and is a global performance nutrition brand.

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PhD Nutrition Trustpilot Score

This is just great. PhD has 11,000+ reviews on Trustpilot and the TrustScore of 4.5.

What Is PhD Nutrition Mission?

PhD is here to assist you to maximize your training and fuel you with science. The company wants its products to work smarter & taste better. Therefore they work hard to understand why every ingredient is there. PhD has something for everyone, whether it’s strength training, losing weight, or everyday wellness.


PhD Smart Range

High protein, low sugar foods, bars & snacks that always taste good.

PhD Vegan Range

These products are ideal for anyone following a plant-based diet looking to increase their protein intake and fuel their training program, we make all of our best-selling protein powders and bars vegan. Whether it’s Diet Plant Protein, Smart Protein Plant, or Smart Plant Bars, we’ve got you covered.

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PhD Nutrition Life Range

The products we make help you perform at your best and maximize your training. Pre- and intra-workout supplements, replenishment, and recovery supplements. Optimizing your training and hitting your goals.

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