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Six Pack Saturday #67

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Here is the Six Pack Saturday list #67 of our tips for improving physical fitness, healthy diet, and lifestyle.

  1. Headspace (Meditation App)
  2. Gorilla Mind
  3. Glo (Yoga Classes)
  4. Online Pharmacies
  5. Exercise Library (GIF)
  6. What Are The Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services?

“We can’t always change what’s happening around us, but we can change what happens within us.” –Andy Puddicome, Headspace co-founder.

1️⃣ Headspace (Meditation App)

Using Headspace, you can build a daily habit of mindfulness. It is a great app for those just starting out with meditation and mindfulness.

Six Pack Saturday #67 Headspace App Screenshots
Headspace App Screenshots

There is a variety of meditations available on Headspace, ranging from work stress to anxiety. Even loneliness and anger are addressed in sessions.


The app includes standard mindfulness features including a session timer and e-mail reminders, progress tracking, program training, and a community.


2️⃣ Gorilla Mind

There is a wide selection of workout supplements available at Gorilla Mind, which include pre-workouts, post-workouts, proteins, amino acids, fat burners, nootropics, and other supplements intended to boost energy and performance.

Six Pack Saturday #67 Gorilla Mind Smooth
Gorilla Mind Smooth

Gorilla Mind Smooth stimulant-free version of Gorilla Mind maximizes focus and mental clarity while providing a smoother, less extreme level of energy.


Gorilla Mind was founded by Derek from More Plates More Dates. Besides running a YouTube channel, he also has a podcast and a blog. As well as self-improvement, bodybuilding, supplements, and fitness, he also writes about dating.

3️⃣ Glo (Yoga Classes)

Glo is online yoga, meditation, Pilates, and fitness platform designed to help you feel better in body and mind every day. With the world’s leading teachers, you can practice at home or on the go. Regardless of your level, life stage, or need, Glo will help you create your own practice.

Six Pack Saturday #67 Glo Yoga
Glo Is A Yoga, Meditation & Fitness Platform

How did Glo started? It started with an idea for more convenient way of doing yoga when you are busy or on the go. Then in 2009, Derik Mills founded Glo (formerly YogaGlo) to help people achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle. 


Glo has a manifesto to help people heal by connecting & self-care.


4️⃣ Online Pharmacies (Six Pack Saturday #67)

Pharmacy companies that offer online services are known as online pharmacies. These pharmacies operate over the Internet and send orders to customers through private mail, shipping companies, or online pharmacy websites.

5️⃣ Exercise Library (GIF)

For animated instructions, visit our Exercise Library. The library provides GIF-animated instructions for various exercises, ranging from yoga to strength training to cardio. The short animations make it easy to understand and follow each exercise to get the most out of your workout.

It will help you do any exercise correctly without the risk of injury and with the right goal in mind. You’ll get complete guidance with all the instructions. To give you more details, if you’re doing a shoulder press, you’ll get detailed information on how to set up the exercise equipment and hold the weights. Plus how to execute the movement, and properly return the weights to their original position.


6️⃣ What Are The Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services? (Six Pack Saturday #67)

Check out the best prepared meal delivery services here. (Freshly, Trifecta, Fresh N’ Lean, MealPro, Icon Meals, Fuel Meals, and more!)

Prepared Meal Delivery Services
Prepared Meals Are Delivered Fresh Or Frozen To Your Door

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