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Sixpack Saturday #26

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Here is the Sixpack Saturday list #26 of my tips for improving physical fitness, healthy diet, and lifestyle.

  1. Exercise Equipment
  2. Useful Exercise
  3. Functional Supplements
  4. Meal Delivery Service
  5. Workout Videos
  6. Reviewed Fitness Apps

1️⃣ Exercise Equipment

Strength training equipment by Bridge BUILT. Power racks, storage stations, and premium barbells made in the USA for commercial and in-home gyms.

Bridge Plate Station by Bridge BUILT
Bridge Plate Station by Bridge BUILT

2️⃣ Useful Exercise

Weight training guides for men and women by Weight Training Guide. Plus Cardio training guide, Nutrition Guide, Exercise database, and more are included.

Man and Woman weight training (for Healthy & Exercise blog post Weight Training Guide)
Weight Training Guide helps men and women build lean muscle

3️⃣ Functional Supplements – Sixpack Saturday list #26

Pre-workout, post-workout, vitamins, protein, creatine, fat burners, and more by, a huge online supplement store.

Sixpack Saturday #26 supplements
Check out a wide range of supplements on

4️⃣ Meal Delivery Service

Fresh N’ Lean delivers precooked and vacuum-sealed tasty and healthy meals to your door every week. The company uses no artificial ingredients, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones, or highly-processed foods.

Sixpack Saturday #26 - Fresh N Lean ready-made meals on Healthy & Exercise
Fresh N’ Lean uses no artificial ingredients

5️⃣ Workout Videos – Sixpack Saturday list #26

With FitOn, you can do a wide range of workouts for free without needing any extra equipment. Watch celebrity trainers anywhere and on any device. FitOn’s expansive library includes a variety of workout classes, ranging from yoga and pilates to strength training and HIIT. Plus, the app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to find the right class for you and watch it on any device.

Sixpack Saturday #26 - FitOn App Celebrity Trainers
FitOn App Celebrity Trainers

6️⃣ Reviewed Fitness Apps

How to use the Jefit gym & workout app?

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Healthy & Exercise aggregates the best health and fitness websites for perfect training, supplements, food tips, and health and lifestyle improvement. To see and visit any of the websites, check out this page. Sixpack Saturday list #26!

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