Sixpack Saturday #6

Sixpack Saturday #6

Here is the Sixpack Saturday list of my tips for improving physical fitness, healthy diet and lifestyle.

1️⃣ Great exercise equipment: TRX Training is a strength training that uses suspended straps for exercising any muscle and body part. (how to use TRX)

2️⃣ Strength training exercise library: Whether you’re a beginning exerciser who needs help getting started or someone who wants to add some spice to your fitness routine, go and check out ACE Fit Exercise Library with photos and detailed descriptions.

3️⃣ Functional and sports supplements: Bulk offers 17 kinds of protein, sports nutrition, vitamins, foods and delicious nut butters. Check out Bulk supplements.

4️⃣ So many books, so little time: Discover new Amazon Health, Fitness & Dieting books and more.

5️⃣ Thousands of workouts: 1,800+ exercises and useful tools for training, diet and studying on

6️⃣ Reviewed fitness app: Google best fitness app of 2019 & 2020 and #1 rated health & fitness app of 2021 for females is Workout For Women. Start your fitness journey with WFW on your iPhone or Android.

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