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What is TRX Training?


TRX Training is a strength training using a set of suspended straps to provide resistance for exercising any muscle and body part. The straps can be easily hang up and anchored for example to a door for an indoor workout or to a tree branch for an outdoor workout. TRX body movements and exercises include row, presses, pulls, squats, planks and more.

The straps and accessories have typically yellow and black color and are also called TRX Suspension Trainers. TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise and was invented and founded by Randy Hetrick.

The company offers suspension trainers, other strength training equipment like exercise balls and weights, fitness instructor certification, and TRX Training Club for live workouts.

TRX Suspension Trainers

TRX suspension trainers on Healthy & Exercise
TRX Suspension Trainers – Signature Products (click on image to browse the trainers)

TRX Training Tools

TRX training tools on Healthy & Exercise
TRX Training Tools – Weight, Balls, Bands (click on image to browse the tools)

More Features

The New TRX Training Club

TRX Professional Education and Qualifications

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