What Are The Best Meditation Apps?

What Are The Best Meditation Apps?

What are the best meditation apps? First of all, what is meditation? In essence, meditation is about training in awareness and acquiring a healthy sense of perspective. Therefore your emotional well-being, as well as your physical well-being, can both benefit from meditation.

What Is A Meditation App?

Apps such as Calm and Headspace promote mental well-being by providing soothing audio, guided meditations, and breathing exercises. They may be as effective as much more expensive forms of in-person therapy, according to a new study. (TOP MEDITATION APPS)

11 Benefits Of Meditation

  1. More patience and tolerance
  2. Reduced resting heart rate
  3. Less negative emotions
  4. More creativity and imagination
  5. Reduced blood pressure
  6. Enhanced sleep quality
  7. Know how to cope with stressful situations
  8. Increased self-awareness
  9. Focused on the present
  10. Improved memory and mental clarity
  11. Boosted productivity

What Are Types Of Meditation?

Meditation helps you achieve inner peace. First and foremost, achieving inner peace is the meditation’s primary goal. How can you meditate?

  • Mindfulness meditation – in mindfulness meditation, you broaden your conscious awareness. How? During meditation, you observe what you are experiencing, such as the flow of your breath.
  • Qi gong – as a part of traditional Chinese medicine, it combines meditation, relaxation, physical movement, and breathing exercises to restore and maintain balance.
  • Guided meditation is a practice is shaped by another person’s voice to drum up some specific mental imagery or they may walk you through a series of breathing exercises or mantras
  • Tai chi – has evolved into a graceful form of exercise and now is used for stress reduction
  • Yoga –  is an ancient practice that involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing. (BEST YOGA CLASSES)
  • Transcendental meditation is a meditation technique where you mentally repeat a word or phrase until you reach a state of inner peace.

What Are The Best Meditation Apps?

Having read all the above, perhaps you find meditation hard. If that is the case, try a meditation app to help you get started. You can use an app to incorporate meditation into your daily routine almost seamlessly, using audio, visuals, and curated sounds.

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