What is TRX Suspension Weight Training?

What is TRX Suspension Weight Training?

TRX Training is a strength training using a set of suspended straps to provide resistance for exercising any muscle and body part. Anyone who wants a strength training and looks for something simple and efficient should give a TRX Training a try.

The well known black and yellow straps to be easily attached anywhere indoors and outdoors for a short training producing great results.

If you are interested in TRX suspension weight training, you will probably get the best experience if you join all-in-one virtual gym of TRX Training Club.

How to use TRX? If you are looking for a quick intro to TRX and need instructions how to exercise check out the 25 best TRX exercises from Alex to get started:

Are you a trainer? Go to TRX Training Education where you can study to become a TRX Trainer and learn to create movement-based training experiences and grow your business.

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