What is Stroops?

Stroops is a fitness website with a shop, an academy and a training room. It also provides commercial fitness solutions.

The shop offers conditioning equipment like air bikes, rowers, treadmills, agility pods, hurdles and many more. The Stroops flagship product is a premium sleeved resistance band in many variations:

Best resistance bands by Stroops
Premium resistance bands by Stroops

The academy brings an opportunity for fitness professionals to become certified Stroops Trainers who are able to implement the Stroops equipment for their facility and training style. By deep understanding of the programming method they can create most suitable Stroops programs for their clients.

Resistance bands have proved to have many benefits for strength training and fitness activities. They are versatile, mobile, easy on joints and adaptable to fitness level and body. They are flexible (literally!) and can be flexibly used for any fitness goal.

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