WeightTraining.guide is a free of charge online resource that will help you to realize your health and fitness objectives. Do you want to build muscle mass, lose weight or improve aerobic fitness? Check out the training guides:

WeightTraining.guide - Guides
Training and nutrition guides

WeightTraining.guide is enhanced for speed and usability with fully responsive design to be used on any device. Read on desktop, laptop or tablet or smartphone and use WeightTraining.guide for your training anytime and anywhere.

Guides are supplemented with 18 Training Programs. There are 9 training programs for women:

WeightTraining.guide - Women's Training Programs
Women’s training programs

There are 9 training programs for men:

WeightTraining.guide - Men's Training Programs
Men’s training programs

WeightTraining.guide does not concentrate only on building muscle and strength. It also focuses on improving endurance, agility, flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, gait, muscle strength ratios, and body composition for both male and female. In other words it contains all the necessary pieces of the puzzle called how to achieve a great body.

Most of the content of the website is also available as a popular ebook. Backed up by research, written all with care, regularly updated and explained as clearly as possible.

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