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What is Nike Training Club?

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Nike Training Club review looks closely at an awarded fitness app for your iOS and Android devices. This app provides low to high-intensity workouts including yoga, core & strength, HIT, home workouts for small spaces, quick 20-minute workouts, and workouts for all fitness levels.

How Does Nike Training Club Work?

A wide range of Nike Training Club (NTC) programs will enable you to make progress on your own schedule and at your own pace. Workout scheduling makes it easy to schedule a workout for later. With the casting feature, the workouts can also be cast to the big screen or played on your phone.

Nike Training Club Apple App on Healthy N' Exercise
Nike Training Club Workouts and Nutrition & Wellness Guidance

NTC provides guidance on mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery, and sleep. NTC TV broadcasts healthy recipes, guided meditations, and mindfulness techniques in quick, easy videos.

Nike Training Club Apple Watch App on Healthy N' Exercise
Nike Training Club Workouts on Apple Watch

With a new feature, you can schedule your workouts. Just select a date and time, and you will receive notifications before your training so you can get ready. In order to focus more on your workout and less on your phone, you can connect your Apple Watch with NTC. It will enable you to advance to the next drill, pause, and skip drills while simultaneously monitoring your heart rate and calories.


Nike Training Club review finds out the Nike app is completely free of charge.

Final Verdict

Nike Training Club gives you everything you need for your workout in one place. The latest on-demand workouts, training plans, nutrition, and wellness tips for inspiration and education.

Nike Training Club: PROS & CONS


Completely free

500+ workouts

Links to blogs, podcasts, and articles

On-demand workouts

Casting feature

Links with Apple Music

Warm-ups and cool-downs


Workout videos must be downloaded to the phone

Too intense, not suitable for beginners

App Store

Google Play

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