RubberBanditz is a brand name of an elite line of resistance and exercise bands used for all kinds of fitness and sports activities. Powerlifting, calisthenics, pole training, assisting pull ups, agility, stretching and many more. You can buy all the products on RubberBanditz website.

RubberBanditz bands can be used for all sorts of activities, check out the image
All possible uses of RubberBanditz resistance bands

On the website you can shop for any RubberBanditz product, visit an extensive exercise library and pick the right band. Remember, “there’s a band for everyone“, no matter what activity you are into or what fitness level you are at. If you are uncertain which resistance band to choose, use RubberBanditz selector tool. Very intuitive to use and in a few steps able to give you an exact match to your need and level.

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