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What is Yoga With Adriene?

Yoga With Adriene (YWA) provides high-quality practices on yoga and mindfulness to inspire people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds all over the world. These practices can be exercised in homes, offices, gyms, or schools worldwide. Adriene offers courses, the 30 Days of Yoga Series, free yoga videos, and opportunities to join online global practices and events.

Yoga With Adriene - HOME Yoga Series
Home Yoga Journey with Adriene

YWA Courses

YWA provides 5 courses for yoga flows, rebooting body and mind, and more or anybody including a special course for expecting mothers.

What courses can you take?

  • RISE – A downloadable collection of 7 exclusive yoga videos with yoga asana or postures for freshening up your morning ritual to energize your day. The course includes a downloadable PDF e-Book to guide you as you integrate daily yoga into your morning ritual. Price $49.99.
  • REBOOT – A downloadable collection of 4 exclusive full-length yoga videos for building your strength and flexibility and form positive new habits. The course includes a downloadable PDF e-Book. Price $19.99.
  • EMPOWER – A downloadable collection of  9 videos ranging from 10-minute sequences to 40-minute core workouts that build total body strength and increase flexibility. The course includes a downloadable PDF e-Book. The course costs $49.99.
  • PRENATAL – A downloadable collection of 3 full-length core yoga workouts, each for one trimester of pregnancy. Plus you can download 5 yoga poses for all trimesters as a bonus. All for $29.99.
  • LIGHT – A downloadable collection of 7 unique 30-minute practices. Price $49.99.

Yoga With Adriene 30 Days of Yoga Series

Adriene has been creating the 30-day yoga series since 2015 and each year a publishing a new one including one for 2021. Check out now 7 downloadable collections and pay for them at a price that feels good and reasonable to you (!).

Yoga With Adriene 30 Day Yoga Series
30-Day Yoga Series

The videos have been optimized to work on your phone, tablet, or laptop so you can take them with you and not have to worry about a fast internet connection. This way you can practice anywhere.

YWA Free Yoga Videos

Adriene hosts the YouTube channel with an online community of over 10 million subscribers. Adriene free Yoga Videos and has a library of over 500 free videos and growing.

Yoga With Adriene - MORNING Yoga Series
Home Yoga Flow with Adriene

Adriene’s mission is to connect as many people as possible through high-quality free yoga videos. People of all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls are welcome!

Final Verdict

To sum up, YWA videos are easy-to-follow and enjoyable and they use a modern approach to yoga. Adriene’s tutorials are more about learning to connect your body with your mind and they focus on mindful breathing, body-healing stretching, and pain relief. They help you let go of the stress and worries we all have. You will become more present, more energized and more healed after taking the YWA courses, joining the 30-day yoga series or exercising along with the free videos.

Yoga is really the art of waking up” -Adriene Mishler



A lot of excellent free content

Videos available on YouTube

Very detailed instructions

Courses at price “pay what feels good”

Adriene is practical and easy-going

Benji 🐕 included 🙂


Virtual classes and events only

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