Alo Moves

Alo Moves is an online yoga video platform. It provides wide collection of yoga, fitness, mindfulness and skills series from elite instructors, for example Power Yoga with Ashley Galvin, Patrick Beach’s 30-day yoga challenge, 21-day Yoga Sweat with Briohny Smyth or Nidra Flow with Claudine Lafond and many more. In fact, more than 750 series guided by tens of experienced and well-known instructors. Go to Alo Moves and pick the series you like to exercise anytime and at your own pace. Use the yoga videos to have a great at-home session or go outside to have a rewarding outdoor training.

Alo Moves yoga series programs
Yoga Series on Alo Moves

The series come in a all different kinds of styles such as Vinyasa, Strength, Yin, Flexibility, Mobility, Challenges, Skills like handstand or backbends and a lot more. Furthermore, the series and classes come in a variety of difficulty and intensity levels that are suitable for all yoga backgrounds.

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