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What is Fiit?


Fiit is a subscription-based workout app that brings the boutique studio experience. Fiit provides 700+ on demand classes and 20+ training plans with world-class trainers for beginners to advanced. Do you want to build strength, lose weight, or improve flexibility? Check out HIIT, strength training, equipment classes, yoga, pilates and breathwork and more. Group workouts with live leaderboards are scheduled 60 times daily, and you can also create group classes with your friends.

Connect your phone to see the workouts on the big screen of your smart TV or just prop your phone up at the gym (bedroom, living room, garden) to take your fitness class.

Fiit online workout
Fiit strength training workout on big screen

All you need is a 2 x 2m space and your smartphone and for yoga and floor exercises you might want use a yoga mat. For strength training you might need resistance bands, dumbbells or kettlebells or just take part in hundreds of bodyweight classes. Do you want to see your progress and your statistics live? Connect Fiit to an Apple Watch, MyZone wearable heart rate system, or Polar or Wahoo heart rate tracker.

Fiit Review – Classes

Fiit team has put together complex packages of on-demand workout classes led by experienced fitness trainers. Fiit offers 3 essential types of functional workout classes:

  1. Cardio – High intensity interval trainings to burn fat, tone muscle and build stamina.
  2. Strength – Resistance trainings using equipment or only bodyweight to build muscle.
  3. Rebalance – Improving flexibility with yoga flows and poses, Pilates, mobility and breathwork.

Fiit Review – Plans

There are 20 training plans on Fiit each of them focusing on a specific need. What is your fitness goal? Is is building strength and muscle? Or toning muscles and losing weight? Do you want to improve your flexibility? Or mobility? Or core strength? Or do you want to exercise to improve your mood, sleep, or health? Believe it or not Fiit have you covered for any of such goals. See below some of the training plans and how they can help you accomplish your goals:

  • The Pilates Body training plan helps you build your core strength while improving your balance.
  • Total Burn training plan focuses on burning fat and getting lean with high energy cardio classes.
  • Real Strength training plan aims at lean muscle development and toning up.

Other training plans are: Fiit Mum, 14 Day of Strength / Rebalance / Fiit / Cardio, Lift, Breathe, Movement Master and more.

Fiit Training Plans Total Burn, Super Fiit, Fiit Mum
Fiit Training Plans

Fiit Review – Compatible Trackers

Using Fiit compatible wearable fitness trackers Fiit tracks the following values:

Fiit points

Leaderboard position



Optimal training zone

You can get an original Fiit tracker our buy another brand. What are the Fiit compatible trackers?

  • Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Polar H10, all Orange Theory devices, Moov HR Burn, MyZone, Garmin Premium HR Monitor, F45 Lionheart, Fitbit Versa 1/2/3, Sense, Iconic & Lite.

Fiit Review – Conclusion

For the price of $14 (/or £10) you will get an access to 700+ on-demand workouts led by world-class trainers (Adrienne Herbert, Chris Magee, Gabby Allen, Gustavo Vaz Tostes, Laura Hoggins and many more) and 20 training plans that focus on most of fitness goals.

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