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What is P.volve?

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P.volve is an online full-body workout program that uses resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact movements to strengthen, sculpt and energize your muscles. Ideally, the end result is a strong core and defined muscles.

P.volve workouts use a method based on functional movement paired with resistance training, which helps reduce pain and transforms the body’s performance in everyday life.

Workouts by P.volve
New P.volve Workouts

There are hundreds of workouts on the P.volve app, ready and waiting to be streamed whenever you need. Some take 10 minutes, others take up to an hour, but most last around 40 minutes.

P.volve Class Types

P.volve classes are based on physical therapy and functional fitness. They combine exact, controlled movements with a variety of unique P.volve equipment to emphasize strengthening the muscles to protect the joints, expand the range of motion, and eliminate pain.

These are the class types:

  • The Foundation – Master the fundamentals and understand the method vocabulary.
  • Strength & Sculpt – Tone and sculpt your body using low-impact movements and resistance-based equipment.
  • Cardio Burn – Engage in a quicker tempo and high-energy moves that help build better muscle endurance.
  • Recover & Stretch – Use restorative techniques to relax your muscles and unlock max results.
  • Mat Definition – Strengthen your core on the mat. Inspired by traditional Mat Pilates.
  • Women’s Wellness –  Concentrate on pelvic floor strengthening and improve with pre and post-natal workouts.

P.volve Unique Equipment

P.volve provides cutting-edge equipment to perfect form, body positioning, and alignment through a variety of helpful guidelines. The equipment line has always been a cornerstone of the P.volve workouts. Developed by the product innovation team who are constantly finding products that target muscles that you didn’t even know you had.

  • P.ball
  • P.band
  • P.3 Trainer
  • Precision Mat
  • Gliders & Glider Floor Protectors
  • Slant Board
  • Hand Weights & Ankle Weights
  • Ankle Bands
  • Massage Balls
  • Precision Foam Roller
P.volve Equipment Kit
P.volve Equipment Kit

What is not in the picture is the fantastic Precision Mat that can enhance every workout and is really focused on overall form, which means you can get better results with every workout.

Final Verdict

P.volve is a high-intensity, low-impact fitness method that is available to stream online from anywhere.

P.volve costs $19.99/month for streaming. You can do a 3-month option for $53.99, 6 months for $81.59, or a year for $143.99. P.volve offers a free trial for 14 days so you can get a feel for the workouts and decide if you want to continue.



Equipment is required to complete the workouts

It takes a while to see results (which program provides quick results?)


Streaming service allows for access anywhere and anytime

The low-impact exercise will deliver a natural and toned physique

Access a free trial to test the method 

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