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What is Decathlon?

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Decathlon is a sporting goods retailer. You can shop Decathlon online for 10,000+ products across 80+ sports including exercise, fitness, running, and walking. Decathlon offers gear and equipment for weight training, yoga, boxing & MMA. It sells weights, cardio machines, exercise bikes, and other workout and recovery equipment for your home gym. Decathlon also has a lot of high-quality equipment and apparel for runners, triathletes, cyclists, and bikers at affordable prices.

Exercise & Fitness

Regular exercise improves your physical and mental (yes!) fitness. It is highly recommended to engage in some kind of regular exercise to promote your health and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. There are lots of types of exercise and you will probably most benefit from a combination of different types of exercise.

Decathlon offers equipment and apparel for weight training, cardio, boxing, and MMA.

Decathlon sells equipment for weight training, cardio, yoga, boxing and MMA
Decathlon is open for any strength athlete, yoga student, or gym rat
  • Weight training exercises make your muscles bigger and stronger. Some examples are lifting weights or working out using a resistance band. Weight training is also referred to as strength training or resistance training.
  • Cardio training activities improve your heart rate and your lung capacity. They keep your heart, lungs, and overall cardiovascular system healthy and productive at his maximum. These activities range from brisk walking, running to swimming, rowing and cycling. These kind of activities are also called as endurance, or aerobic training. 
  • Balance exercises can make it easier to walk on uneven surfaces, help prevent falls and improve stability, help prevent falls and keep you upright. To improve your balance, try tai chi or yoga, exercises like standing on one leg or using BOSU balance trainer.
  • Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help your body stay limber. Yoga and doing various stretches can make you more flexible.

At Decathlon online you can shop for weights, racks, pull-up bars, dip stations, treadmills, rowing machines, resistance bands, jump ropes, punching bags, boxing gloves, yoga mats fitness apparel, and many more.

Run & Walk

You can buy running shoes and running accessories like smartwatches and fitness trackers at Decathlon. There is also equipment for triathletes covering swimming, cycling, and running training needs including massage guns and other recovery accessories. Do you like walking? Check out the walking section for walking shoes and poles.

running and walking equipment
High-quality equipment for runners, triathletes, and walkers

Remember running and walking are not only good for your health but are excellent for your soul too!

Bikes & Cycling

A bicycle is a perfect invention for your everyday life. Whether you ride it for fun, use it as a tool for exercise, commute on it to work, or ride it as a racing cyclist. At Decathlon you can shop for all thinkable types of bikes.

Bikes and cycling accessories you can buy at Decathlon
Decathlon has any type of bicycle and cycling accessory
  • Rockrider mountain bikes are tough, responsive, and powerful to handle difficult trails on rough winding paths.
  • Elops urban bikes are a great buy for people looking for a comfortable city bicycle, for commutes and leisure rides around the city.
  • Van Rysel & Triban road bikes and gravel bikes are more powerful and at the same time also lightweight. They offer additional features for your short and long-distance rides.
  • Riverside hybrid bikes combine all the practicalities of a hybrid, with a fun, agile and exciting ride and unlimited potential.
  • Btwin folding bikes are designed with utility in mind and an option to combine the bike with other forms of transport – your morning train, for example, or a car at the weekend. Btwin folding bike takes up very little space – use it when you need it and fold it away when you don’t. 
  • Aventon electric bikes are eye-catching e-bikes with an excellent battery integration and responsive handling. They provide a flawless ride experience, also due to high volume tires that smooth over any inequality on the road.

Final Verdict

I honestly recommend shopping at Decathlon online. It is a great intuitive website packed with products for any kind of athlete, amateur sportsman, or sportswoman, or the kid that likes to move. Decathlon offers 10,000+ items for 80+ sports including outdoor activities, precisions sports, team sports, winter and water sports. Decathlon targets consumers who see value for money as more important than brand image. So I recommend it to anybody who searches for good quality at an affordable price.


Decathlon only retails their own brands – no Nike, Adidas, or Puma

Huge amount of products for a wide range of sports

Decathlon designs, tests, manufactures, and retails their own brands. 

High-quality sports gear and equipment at affordable prices

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