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Blink Health is an NABP-certified safe online pharmacy that complies with state laws, pharmacy practice standards, and patient safety standards. Customers can use their insurance to get brand-name medications, as well as discounted out-of-pocket prices on generic medicines.

By being certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, Blink Health is able to ensure that it is providing customers with safe and reliable medications. At the same time, it also offers discounts on generic medications to help lower the cost of prescription drugs.

The mission of Blink Health is to make prescription medications affordable and accessible to everyone. Using Blink’s cloud-based pharmacy platform, patients can access prescription medications at the lowest possible price and with the greatest convenience and transparency. To improve patient care, we are a highly collaborative team of builders and operators.


Due to the convenience, potential savings, and privacy of the internet, the internet has become a popular way to purchase medications. By leveraging the power of technology and data, we are able to provide a comprehensive view of the pharmacy landscape and identify the lowest cost options available.

Blink Health Online Pharmacy
Due to the convenience, potential savings, and privacy of the internet, the internet has become a popular way to purchase medications

We then work with our vast network of pharmacies to offer price transparency and cost savings to our patients. We are also constantly innovating to create new ways for patients to access medications quickly and easily, such as through our mobile app and online platform.


With Blink Health, you can order generic prescription medications online. Then have them delivered to your home free of charge or pick them up locally. In addition, the company’s BlinkRx tool analyzes insurance benefits to determine whether to use insurance for specialty brand-name prescription medications. While you can use insurance to cover brand-name specialty drugs, you can’t cover generic drugs.


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