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Muscle & Strength (Supplements & Workouts)

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What is Muscle & Strength? It is a fitness education platform, workout database, and supplement store. You’ll learn how to build muscle, burn fat, and stay motivated for reaching your fitness goal.

Supplement Store

You can shop at the Muscle & Strength Supplement Store for bodybuilding supplements, fitness gear, and workout accessories. Look around and compare the prices of supplements. I bet that in many cases you will be able to get the best price on bodybuilding supplements (go to Deals & Coupons and Clearance & Overstock) with fast shipping (they ship to most countries) and great customer service.

Muscle & Strength - Supplement Store
Muscle & Strength – Supplement Store

Workout Database

According to M&S, there’s no better place to find free workout routines. No matter what your goal is or how much experience you have, you can download workout plans. It is a large database with a lot of stuff and all free!

Muscle & Strength - New Workouts
Muscle & Strength – New Workouts

Pick a category that fits your workout. Using the sort and filter options, you can find workouts that fit your experience and goals. You will find the top workouts in our database over the last 24 hours. By choosing a category and scrolling to “trending,” you can also see the top trending workouts. The database gets regularly updated. You can keep up with all the workouts the M&S team adds (including other fitness articles, nutrition expert guides, tools, etc.) by subscribing to their newsletter.

Muscle & Strength – More Features

Supplement store, free workouts database, but that’s not all. M&S provides expert-written articles including expert tips for women and advice on motivation and recovery.

Having trouble deciding what diet to follow? Nutrition is explained in detail in the Muscle & Strength Nutrition Guides. In them, you can find a diet style that suits your goals, food preferences, and lifestyle by reading these comprehensive guides. They are accompanied by delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes (protein shakes, protein bars, high protein, low carb, tips for breakfast, etc.) sorted by meal type or diet preference.

Finally, with the M&S website, you are able to calculate calories, macros, body fat percentage, and strength goals. Check out Bench Press Calculator to calculate your 1RM (1 rep max) or calculator of BMR (basal metabolic rate).

Mr. Healthy & Ms. Exercise

Mr. Healthy & Ms. Exercise aggregates the best health and fitness websites for excellent training, supplements and foods tips, and health & lifestyle improvement. To see and visit any of the websites, check out this page. Six-Pack Saturday lists bring tips & tricks about health, fitness, and diet. Or check out the Tumblr archive or Pinterest Boards.

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