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Rogue Challenges? A showcase for unprecedented feats of strength, including historical world records that span the Iron Game, has been provided by Rogue Record Breakers (RRB) since 2015. The RRB was launched online in 2019, Rogue Fitness has expanded its offerings.

Rogue Challenges allow anyone, anywhere to join and compete for a spot on the leaderboard.

If you are taking part in the challenge, please make sure to share your experiences with the hashtags #ryourogue and @roguefitness. On, you can keep up with the leaderboard and current record holders.

Once you pay your registration fee, a BTWB account will automatically be created if you do not already have one.

Happy Monday again! The latest Monday Morning Challenge can be found among the Rogue Challenges. Monday Morning Challenges are here to entertain you and help you improve your health and fitness. (Read a Rogue Fitness review)

Rogue Challenges - Rogue cliffhanger challenge
Rogue Cliffhanger Challenge

What Are Rogue Challenges?

Echo Bike 50 Cal Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Complete 50 Calories For Time on a Rogue Echo Bike.

Rogue Challenge - 50 Cal Challenge Echo Bike
Rogue Challenge – 50 Cal Challenge Echo Bike

Bear Hug Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Bear hug your sandbag for as long as possible.

Bear Hug Challenge
Rogue Challenges – Bear Hug Challenge

Cliffhanger Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Test your grip and be the athlete with the longest hang from a pull-up bar.

Rogue Cliffhanger Challenge with Mathew Fraser

Turkish Get-Up Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Do a Turkish get-up for max weight using a barbell and plates.

Rogue Challenges - Turkish Get-Up With Barbell & Plates
Turkish Get-Up With Barbell & Plates

Pump-N-Row Challenge

How do you do this challenge? The goal: A 2000m row for a time followed by max bench press your body weight (or 75% of bodyweight for women) repetitions. Each successful bench press repetition completed deducts 10 seconds off your 2000m row time. The fastest time wins. 

Rogue Challenges - Pump N Row Challenge
Rogue Challenges – Pump N Row Challenge

Slingshot Challenge

How do you do this challenge? The goal: Max repetition one hand kettlebell snatch, long cycle (10 minutes).

How To Do The Kettlebell Snatch (Crossfit Channel)

Mule Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Complete the following as fast as possible:

21-15-9 Reps for Time

  • Deadlifts
  • Chest-to-bar pull-ups

RX Division Weight: Men – 315LBS (143 KG), Women – 225LBS (102 KG)

L-Sit Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Max L-Sit hold. The athletes with the longest-timed L-Sit will win the contest.

Rogue Challenges L-Sit Challenge
Rogue Challenges – L-Sit Challenge

Wheel Challenge

How do you do this challenge? Max time front hold with a bumper plate.

Rogue Wheel Challenge
Rogue Wheel Challenge

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness is the leading producer of strength and conditioning equipment for any sport. Rogue Fitness started in a garage and helps athletes equip their own garage gyms. From home gym centerpieces like power racks, benches, barbells, and bumper plates to mobility bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, and med balls. All from Rogue for efficiency, versatility, storage, optimal bang for the buck, and always quality functional fitness equipment.

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