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Stroops Resistance Bands Videos

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Stroops resistance bands videos, wow! Looking for instructions on how to use Stroops resistance bands and Stroops equipment in your fitness training? Want to bring your workout to a new level? Get the right inspiration from Stroops certified trainers below:


You can adjust this resistance band to fit your training needs. You can use any Stroops attachment with the clips on each end. The other end can be clipped to an anchoring point and you’re good to go.

Bodyweight Gym

(Stroops Training Room)

Resistance 90

What is it? An extremely versatile product! You can either use the collapsible bar or just the dual-handle band. This setup allows you to maximize your training.


Stroops Resistance Bands – More Videos


A resistance band training system like no other, the Stroops VITL Kit gives you everything you need to train. This kit includes 4 Slastix resistance bands, 2 Textured Grip Handles, 2 Foot Straps, a Universal Swivel Belt, 5 Agility Dots, & your choice of Anchoring Solutions. Trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend warriors will all love it.


The Stroops company designed the Toner with sleeved-elastic (or Slastix) technology. It is 48 inches long and has dual handles.


Slastix® Loop is a versatile tool you can carry everywhere. Get a full-body workout, or use it for mobility.

About Stroops

Stastix resistance bands are innovative fitness equipment tools manufactured in the USA and specially designed to increase power, agility, and speed in fitness, sports performance, and mixed martial arts. Featuring a protective Safety Sleeve, Stroops resistance bands are the safest and highest quality in the fitness industry. Fitness products from Stroops include Slastix training loops, Slastix toner power bands with handles, Slastix bands with carabiner clips, Fit Stik bars, Slastix for explosive kicks and punches, Slastix Boa resistance ropes, Beast battle ropes, Son of the Beast battle ropes, Slastix accelerators, Optimill treadmills, performance stations, and more.

Stroops Review

Stroops Training Room

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