How to use Jefit Gym & Workout App

How to use Jefit Gym & Workout App


Jefit gym & workout app is a workout tracker for planning and logging your training, tracking your weights, set, reps, duration and results. It provides free fitness training library to help you stay in shape, lose weight and build muscle. You can use Jefit website or Android/iOS app.

Jefit web and app workout tracker on Healthy & Exercise
Jefit workout tracker and exercise database – website and apps


Jefit has a ton of features to provide workout guidance and ability to track a lot of training details:

  • Programs for any fitness level – beginner to advanced, equipment focused or minimum equipment/bodyweight, target programs, special programs, sports trainings, customizable trainings and schedules
  • Exercise and routine database – weights, machines, cardio, static, stretching, bodyweight altogether incredible 2,500+ workout routines and 1,300 exercises supported with full HD videos
Jefit workout screen on Healthy & Exercise
Jefit workout routine (left) displaying all relating exercises (right)
  • Benchmarking and progress – personalized charts for lifting volume, personalized record tracking, benchmarking against gym buddies, weekly summaries of progress
  • Special attributes and tools – access from desktop / web / smartphone app / smart watch, sharing workouts with your personal trainer, social feed and community contest, customizable rest timer, supersets and circuit training routines supported, interval timer, 1 rep max calculator, body measurements, weekly planner for scheduling


Jefit is a useful fitness solution that can be used on all possible platforms to log in workout, track workout and customize workout. The information can be shared with coaches for guidance or with community for comparison and motivation. The massive workout routines and exercise library provides high quality and organized photos, full HD videos and instructions for any fitness level, focus or target.

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