Sixpack Saturday #13

Sixpack Saturday #13

Here is the Sixpack Saturday list of my tips for improving physical fitness, healthy diet and lifestyle.

1️⃣ Great exercise equipment: A strength training using a set of suspended straps TRX to provide resistance for exercising any muscle and body part.

2️⃣ Exercises, training plans and guides: Live interactive workout classes and on demand fitness programs by Openfit. The 300+ classes and programs are streamed to any device.

3️⃣ Health, fitness & wellness supplements: The supplement and wellness company Legion Athletics helps people get in shape, lose weight, build muscle and live a healthier lifestyle.

4️⃣ Meal delivery service: Ready-to-eat meal delivery service by ICON Meals for people who enjoy eating healthy.

5️⃣ The best prescription delivery: Digital health platform NowRx provides free same day pharmacy delivery and telehealth services. 

6️⃣ Best selling fitness books: The world’s leading source of ebooks you’ll find at Buy ebooks in multiple electronic formats in all categories including Health & Fitness.

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