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Sixpack Saturday #20

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Here is the Sixpack Saturday list #20 of our tips for improving physical fitness, healthy diet, and lifestyle.

1️⃣ Great piece of exercise equipment: The home gym kit that replaces free weights like dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells with resistance bands and a fold-up base BodyBoss Home Gym provides 300+ workouts targeting every muscle group in your body.

Sixpack Saturday #20 BodyBoss Portable Gym
BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 System

2️⃣ Exercise library: Do you know how to do push-ups right? Check out the animated push-up instructions! Push-ups are a great exercise working for multiple muscle groups at once and no equipment or gym is required.

Sixpack Saturday #20 Man doing a push-up
How to do push-ups correctly

3️⃣ Tasty sports supplements: Nutrition, protein powders, snacks, vitamins, vegan products, clothing, and accessories by Myprotein. Check out the Myprotein Pro products line.

Sixpack Saturday #20 Myprotein Nutrition on Healthy & Exercise
Myprotein Nutrition & Supplements

4️⃣ So many books, so little time: Thousands of nutrition, diet, and exercise books by NOOK Books that you can read on any device.

Sixpack Saturday #20 NOOK diet & nutrition books on Healthy & Exercise
NOOK Nutrition & Exercise Books

5️⃣ Total resistance exercise: Also known as TRX is a very effective fitness gear for almost any workout. The famous black and yellow straps, other training tools, training club and education for professionals.

Sixpack Saturday #20 TRX TRAINING on Healthy N' Exercise
TRX Training

6️⃣ Dance for fitness: A fitness program that merges aerobics, strength training, and dance moves with Latin and international music is called Zumba and provides a full workout experience and it is a lot of fun too.

Sixpack Saturday #20 Women's Zumba Class
A Zumba Class Is Fun

Mr. Healthy & Ms. Exercise

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