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Crossrope on Healthy N’ Exercise! Crossrope on HNE is a Jump Rope System Home Gym that you can take with you anywhere. Do you like a jumping rope? The childhood pastime is a great cardio activity to work your core and build strength. A set of jump ropes and accessories connected to an app with a workout library and a jump counter by Crossrope gives you the right workout for your lungs and muscles.

The Crossrope app has over 500 premade workouts for cardio, strength training, endurance, and HIIT. No time for a regular workout? No problem. A micro-jumping workout is a perfectly acceptable way to obtain the benefits of a full-body workout at home. 

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The 9 Benefits Of The Crossrope Jump System

  1. Easy use when traveling
  2. Working out is fun with it
  3. Enhances coordination and agility
  4. It quickly raises your heart rate
  5. It boosts your explosive power
  6. It’s a very effective cardio workout
  7. Increases bone density
  8. It can serve as an effective warm-up
  9. Balance is improved by it

You can get a fun, effective workout with Crossrope, a premium weighted jump rope system. With their patented fast clip connection system, you can change rope weights quickly and easily, so your workouts stay interesting.

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