Unwritten Gym Etiquette Rules 101

Unwritten Gym Etiquette Rules 101

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Check out the following gym etiquette rules below.

Whether you’re a frequent gym-goer or you’re new to working out at your gym or fitness center, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. It’s probably common knowledge that you should wipe down equipment after you’re done using it and not hog machines when someone else is waiting. 

Make sure you use common sense and courtesy when working out in a public gym. If you’re not sure what to do, the following gym etiquette rules will help!

(Coaches! Gyms can be intimidating for your new clients. Once they start to get the hang of it all, they realize there is a whole other set of unwritten rules to learn and follow. You don’t need to worry! With these essential gym etiquette do’s and don’ts, you can help your clients start off on the right foot.)

7 Gym Etiquette Rules

  1. Wipe down equipment after you use it
  2. Don’t curl in the squat rack
  3. Re-rack your weights
  4. Don’t be a creep
  5. Don’t lift in front of the dumbbell rack
  6. Don’t hog the equipment
  7. Be mindful of your surroundings

1. Wipe Down Equipment After You Use It

When using gym equipment at the gym, or anywhere else, you should wipe it clean. It’s sanitary, and you’ll be a better person for it. You don’t want to use gym equipment that’s covered in sweat, even if it’s not germ-infested.

Gym Etiquette Rules - Wipe down equipment after you use itcise Correctly
Wipe down equipment after you use it

You can use either spray disinfectant or disinfectant wipes to wipe down all surfaces that come into contact with clothes and skin. Make sure your equipment is dry before using some products because they can make it slippery. This rule also applies to your gym equipment at home.

2. Don’t Curl In The Squat Rack

Using the squat rack for bicep curls is considered a misuse of equipment. Bicep curls can be done anywhere in the gym. Squats and presses are the only exercises that can be done in a squat rack for safety reasons.

Gym Etiquette Rules - Don’t curl in the squat rack
Curl or not to curl in the squat rack?

There are various opinions on this topic. So – curl or not to curl in the squat rack? Use common sense! Should you block the squat rack by curling your biceps for someone who requires the rack for their squats or presses, find space elsewhere on the gym floor.

3. Re-Rack Your Weights

Put your weights back where you found them once you’re done. What if you found them on the floor anyway? Re-rack them!

Gym Etiquette Rules - Please Re-Rack Your Weights, Thank You!
Gym Etiquette Rules – Re-Rack Your Weights

The best way to re-rack gym equipment:

  • Dumbbells: Each dumbbell is returned to its rack, usually in the order of lightest to heaviest.
  • Pre-Weighted Barbells and Pre-Weighted EZ Bars: Barbells and EZ bars are returned to their racks.
  • Unloaded barbells: In the gym, barbells can either be left in a designated area, left unloaded in the power cage or squat rack, or they can be placed on a rack for unloaded barbells.
  • Kettlebells: As with dumbbells, kettlebells are usually stored on kettlebell racks.
  • Weight plates: Usually, weight plates are stored on a rack made just for them.

4. Don’t Be A Creep At The Gym (Gym Etiquette Rules 101)

Gym Etiquette Rules - Don’t be a creep
Don’t be a creep

5. Don’t Lift In Front Of The Dumbbell Rack

When you shrug, curl, raise, or do anything else directly in front of the dumbbell rack, you keep others from getting the weights. It’s a good idea to back off at least five feet.

Don’t lift in front of the dumbbell rack
Don’t lift in front of the dumbbell rack

6. Don’t Hog The Equipment

Make sure you don’t hog the machines and weights and other exercise equipment. That’s not cool. Finished your reps? Step aside for the next guy.

7. Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings – Gym Etiquette Rules

Be respectful of other gym members. There are a lot of reasons why people work out. You might have a different fitness goal than the woman or the man next to you. The right way to be respectful of others at the gym is to be mindful of your surroundings. Follow your gym rules!

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