What Obstacles Are In The Spartan Race?

What Obstacles Are In The Spartan Race?

Spartan race obstacles are designed to test every aspect of your physical and mental strength. Getting to know them well is the key to conquering them on race day. Find out everything you need to know below.

Spartan race is an obstacle course race similar to Savage Race and was founded by Joe De Sena. There are 5 types of Spartan races (Sprint, Super, Beast, Ultra, Stadion) plus a kids races option. The types are defined based on difficulty, running distance, and environment.

What obstacles are in the Spartan Race? There are many, in fact, 50+, of different classifications, depending on what quality Spartan athletes need to utilize – the power of hands and grip, balance skill, endurance, or mental skill, and so on. The obstacles in the races are divided into the 13 following obstacle groups:

  1. Climbing
  2. Carry
  3. Crossing
  4. Leap
  5. Strength
  6. Swing
  7. Traverse
  8. Balance
  9. Endurance
  10. Crawl
  11. Throw
  12. Agility
  13. Mental

1. Spartan Race Climbing Obstacles

Spartan Race Climbing Obstacle - Rope Climb
Spartan Race Climbing Obstacle – Rope Climb

2. Spartan Race Carry Obstacles

Log Carry
Spartan Race Swing Obstacle – Log Carry

3. Spartan Race Crossing Obstacles

Spartan Race Crossing Obstacle - Swim-Water Crossing
Spartan Race Crossing Obstacle – Swim-Water Crossing

4. Spartan Leap Obstacles

Spartan Race Leap Obstacle - Fire Jump
Spartan Race Leap Obstacle – Fire Jump

5. Spartan Strength Obstacles

Hercules Hoist
Spartan Race Strength Obstacle – Hercules Hoist

6. Spartan Swing Obstacles

Monkey In The Middle
Spartan Race Swing Obstacle – Monkey In The Middle

7. Spartan Traverse Obstacles

Z Wall
Spartan Race Traverse Obstacle – Z Wall

8. Spartan Balance Obstacles

Slack Line
Spartan Race Balance Obstacle – Slack Line

9. Spartan Endurance Obstacles

Air Bike
Spartan Race Endurance Obstacle – Air Bike

10. Spartan Crawl Obstacles

Barbed Wire Crawl
Spartan Race Crawl Obstacle – Barbed Wire Crawl

11. Throw Obstacles

Spear Throw
Spartan Race Throw Obstacle – Spear Throw

12. Agility Obstacles

Spartan Race Agility Obstacle - Gauntlet
Spartan Race Agility Obstacle – Gauntlet

13. Mental Obstacles

Spartan Race Memory Obstacle - Memory Test
Spartan Race Mental Obstacle – Memory Test

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