Six Pack Saturday #52

Six Pack Saturday #52

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Here is the Six Pack Saturday list #52 of our tips for improving physical fitness, healthy diet, and lifestyle.

  1. Best Gym Memberships
  2. Best Yoga Classes
  3. Best Prepared Meals Delivery
  4. Best Meal Kit Delivery Service
  5. Exercise Library
  6. Best Free Workouts

“Prevention is better than cure.” -Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch philosopher, and Catholic theologian

1️⃣ What Are The Best Gym Memberships?

The best free gym passes and gym memberships should fit your budget, needs, and preferences. The gyms and health clubs usually offer a variety of fitness classes for different fitness levels coached by experienced trainers. The gyms have reasonable operating hours. In addition, the clubs provide strength and cardio equipment that is safe and up-to-date. 

Crunch Fitness Classes
Best Gym Memberships – Crunch Fitness Classes

Some gyms may have extra perks and amenities like swimming pools, saunas, spas, steam rooms, basketball courts, and indoor tracks.

2️⃣ Top Yoga Classes 

5,000 years of self-care practice through yoga and meditation have proven to have many benefits. They gain in importance for modern busy people who search for how to relieve stress and train attention in self-awareness. The practice known as yoga principally involves poses and breathing exercises. Meditation practice consists of no exercises or bodily movements. It is performed after yoga practice or separately on its own.

EkhartYoga - Online Yoga Classes
Best Yoga Classes – EkhartYoga Online Yoga Classes

Check out the best yoga and meditation websites to find direction, inspiration, and motivation. Or buy essential tools for yoga and meditation.

3️⃣ Best Prepared Meals Delivery

Check out the best ready-meal delivery websites to find the most delicious menus to your taste and subscription friendly to your wallet. Always fresh with less sugar, less processed foods, and with more nutrients.

Fresh N Lean healthy meal plans
Best Prepped Meals – Fresh N Lean

It’s not always easy to cook quality meals when you’ve got a million things to do every day. The good news is that there are tons of meal delivery services that offer prepped meals you can eat right away.

4️⃣ Meal Kit Delivery Service 

The best meal kit delivery service supplies home cooks with fresh pre-measured ingredients and user-friendly recipes to transform anybody into a chef who can make a delicious meal from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Six-Pack Saturday #49 - Best Meal Delivery Service
Best meal delivery services deliver ingredients and recipes regularly to your door

Delivered through a subscription service the meal kits can be customized based on dietary preference and desired number of meals. The best meal kit providers offer varied menus every week, including a wide variety of seasonal produce, meat, and fish.

5️⃣ Useful Exercise

Check out Exercise Library for GIF-animated instructions.

Above all, the instructions will help you do any exercise correctly without risk of injury and with a required goal in mind. All the instructions provide an animated image for full guidance.

6️⃣ Best Free Workouts

Check out the best free workout and yoga programs here.

Six-Pack Saturday #50 - Single Arm Dumbbell Row
Single Arm Dumbbell Row

Mr. Healthy & Ms. Exercise

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