Most Influential People In Fitness

Most Influential People In Fitness

Who are the most influential people in fitness? Mr. Healthy has researched and started a curated list of the personalities that have influenced the world of fitness. Who are they?

Cameron Hanes

An endurance athlete, backcountry bowhunter, author, entrepreneur, and podcast host. Who is Cameron Hanes?

Most Influential People In Fitness - Cameron Hanes is a runner
Cameron Hanes is an endurance athlete

Tara Laferrara

Fitness and wellness coach, one of the coaches in Oxygen Magazine Challenges. Who is Tara Laferrara?

Oxygen Mag Cover - Tara Laferrara
Tara on Oxygen magazine cover

Chris Hemsworth

A famous Hollywood actor and the founder of Centr, a digital health and fitness platform. Who is Chris Hemsworth?

Most Influential People In Fitness - Chris Hemsworth Workout
Chris Hemsworth during a workout

Esther Ekhart

Born in Africa, living in Ireland, Dutch by nationality, Esther Ekhart is the face and the founder EkhartYoga, a well-known yoga video and class platform. Who is Esther?

Esther Ekhart In Her Yoga Class
Esther Ekhart In her yoga class

Derek (More Plates More Dates)

Derek from More Plates More Dates YouTube Channel is the founder and CEO of Gorilla Mind, a workout supplements company. Who is Derek?

Derek More Plates More Dates in the gym
Derek in the gym

Susy Markoe Schieffelin

Internationally recognized sound healer and certified yoga instructor, Kundalini yoga teacher. She is one of the popular Alo Moves yoga teachers. Who is Susy Markoe Schieffelin?

Alo Moves Class Meditation For Releasing Anger by Susy Markoe Schieffelin
Alo Moves meditation class with Susy

Joe De Sena

CEO and founder of obstacle course races, Spartan Race, and Spartan Death Race. He is also a best-selling author. Who is Joe De Sena?

Joe De Sena Spartan Race CEO
Joe De Sena is a founder of Spartan Race

Mike Matthews

Author of award-winning fitness book and the founder and CEO of Legion Athletics, high-quality sports supplements company. Who is Mike Matthews?

Mike Matthews Having Quality Time
Mike with his kid

Most Influential People In Fitness – to be continued…

Who do you consider the most influential people in fitness? Let us know so we can grow this curated list and share it with others!

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